Our Easter Traditions

Old traditions are not really that different from the newer ones.

It would all begin on Shrove Tuesday. Dad would make all sorts of things, like panszki and other donuts. Of course, we had fast the next day, eating only one non-meat meal. We observed Fridays through the Lenten Season and gave up something- usually candy. Since we went to a Catholic Grade School, we always attended Stations of the Cross on Fridays.

The week before East we shopped for new clothes. Holy Thursday was a Church visitation day, and sometimes we made our Easter Eggs then. Friday was a day of cleaning the house from top to bottom. We did not speak during the three hours Jesus was on The Cross. Saturday we sometimes took the Easter Eggs and some of Mom or Dad’s baked sweet bread to the church for blessing. We continued cleaning.

Sunday morning we went to Mass, not always at the same time, we had delicious food later. Usually Easter Ham, Kielbasa, fresh horseradish (I almost overdosed on this once but that’s another story!) There was also the bread! And, of course, Mom made her famous Easter Soup, made of things left over, like hame, kielbasa, horseradish and egg cooked in a broth with sour cream. Yum!! One of my favorites!

These days we follow basically the same traditions.