Current Christmas Traditions

Once all the grandchildren began arriving, we realized that we would have to split up into our own separate families, each with their own traditions. Some of my siblings have not carried on with Polish tradition, but I don’t think Christmas would be Christmas without the aroma and the wonderful foods of Poland.

These days we pick a day –  two days prior to Christmas Eve is perfect – and all my children and grandchildren come to help make the pierogi. That is like a holiday in itself! The day before Christmas Eve I make the Kielbasa with Kraut & Cabbage and the Mushroom Soup. On Christmas Eve morning I bake the bread and make the ham.

Everyone begins arriving around 2 PM. We eat around 4 PM, then open family gifts. With ten grandchildren running around it gets very noisy!

They leave at their own pace, each going to their own Church. Now Santa goes to their homes in the morning 🙂

A few years have passed since I wrote this. The kids are all older now, ranging from 11 to 19 years of age. Two are in college. However, they still all arrive to help with the pierogi-making. Tradition is important to all of us!

The above photo is from Christmas Eve, 2018