Basic Pierogi Dough

DOUGH (Mary Jarkiewicz)

½ cup milk

2 eggs

8 oz. sour cream

1 tsp. salt

4 cups Pillsbury presifted flour

Butter for greasing

Place milk, eggs and salt in a mixing bowl and begin beating with a dough hook. Slowly add flour, then sour cream. Gradually beat faster, scraping down the sides. After a few minutes, the dough should look smooth and cling to the dough hook. Sprinkle flour on your work area. Remove dough from bowl and form into a round ball. If the dough is sticky, knead it with a bit more flour. Using a large, heavy rolling pin, roll the dough out until it is thin. Using a 3 ¼ – 3 ½” cookie cutter (or equivalent – I often use a champage glass) make rounds. Remove from area and reshape the remaining dough. Roll out again and repeat the process until the dough is too stiff to roll out. Stuff the pierogies, placing the filling in the middle. Moisten one half of the round with a bit of water on your finger and fold the pierogi in half, crimping the edge with your fingers. Boil in a large pot of boiling , salted water fitted with a pasta strainer approximately 9 minutes. Do not boil more than 2 dozen at a time. Remove strainer and run a slow stream of cold water over the pierogi. Dump into a bowl (or use your sink) full of cold water with some ice cubes. Move to a strainer when cool and allow to air dry about one hour. Soften butter and butter them with your hands. Stuff into Ziploc bags and refrigerate or freeze.

To serve: melt 1-2 tablespoons butter in a frying pan and add a few pierogi. Sauté over low heat. Grind a small amount of fresh pepper over them.

Serving suggestions:

-a dollop of sour cream

-carmelized onions

-for sweet pierogi: fry in butter & brown sugar

**Fillings are in my E-Book