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Polish Pierogi

Polish Cuisine, Customs and Traditions

THIS WEBSITE is dedicated to authentic Polish recipes, Polish traditions, customs and heritage. We will be featuring recipes and videos in the future, as well as  customs and traditions.  We have published an E-Cookbook full of Polish recipes handed down during the last 100 years or so, which is available on Kindle at The name is Polish Family Favorites. Cost is $6.96.



I have always loved to cook. I would watch my parents and grandmother cook and somehow learned by instinct to replicate their recipes. Even years later, I could recall the scents and the tastes & textures of the foods they made. I associate holidays with special foods and food with special holidays. Since I love holidays and love to cook (and eat), I try to turn every day into a special holiday. I hope you will enjoy my recipes and musings! This website will feature authentic Polish recipes along with beautiful colored food photos. Some of our traditions and customs will also be featured.